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What’s MuGVRE?

The MuG Virtual Research Environment supports the expanding 3D/4D genomics community by developing tools to integrate the navigation in genomics data from sequence to 3D/4D chromatin dynamics data.


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Multiscale Genomics @MuG_genomics
Experiences from the Joint MuG-BioExcel Workshop: Multiscale Nucleic Acids Simulations https://t.co/zVUulqtywf via @BioExcelCoE
Multiscale Genomics @MuG_genomics
RT @BioExcelCoE: Find out about our recent MuG-BioExcel Workshop: Multiscale Nucleic Acids Simulations #multiscale #genomics #simulation #n
Multiscale Genomics @MuG_genomics
RT @pabloacera91: Are you developing 3D/4D genomic analysis tools? join us in September and learn how to integrate it into a Virtual resear…
Multiscale Genomics @MuG_genomics
RT @BSC_CNS: Today we release a new version of #COMPSs (@bsc_compss), 2.3, which features a number of improvements as support to Python 3 a…


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